iNetHR Mobile

The iNetHR Mobile solution gives you a mobile connection to your Workforce Ready system. So your workforce can complete common administrative tasks right on their mobile devices, when they need to, where they need to.

The iNetHR Mobile solution is designed specifically with small and midsize businesses in mind. Because today, organizations of all sizes have mobile managers and remote employees who want immediate, instant avenues to their workforce management solution. Wherever they may be.

The iNetHR Mobile application, available for both the Apple® iPhone®, Windows Mobile, and Android® platforms, is ideally suited for companies whose people are frequently on the move. People who want to address common tasks quickly and easily on their mobile device of choice. And who need to maintain productivity and functionality across the entire workforce management spectrum of time and labor management, human resources, and payroll. All while incorporating on-the-go access to features that are ideal for out-of-office use.

Address common tasks quickly. Select, comment, submit ... and you're done.


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