iNetHR Solutions

Features and Benefits

iNetHR is the unified human capital management (HCM) cloud platform that helps organizations embrace their entire workforce with an integrated toolset designed to manage employees from pre-hire to retire — whether they’re salaried, hourly, full time, or part time. Gain a competitive advantage by fully automating the necessary and often labor-intensive business processes with consistent, real-time employee data. Giving you the single-source access you need — across time and attendance, HR, payroll, and more — to make better, more informed decisions.





iNetHR Workforce Management

iNetHR Time Keeping gives you the information and automation tools you need, when you need them. You can streamline your time tracking with automated collection of time and attendance information. Automate the conversion of worked hours to payroll. And enforce your pay and work rules by knowing who is doing what, when, and why.

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iNetHR Time Management

Every day, organizations must solve the jigsaw puzzle of scheduling — matching up availability, skills and business demand to create an efficient, effective schedule that maximizes productivity while minimizing costs. Despite years of struggling with this critical issue, many organizations still find themselves with overstaffed shifts, short-handed rushes, and unacceptable levels of productivity. HR directors and operational planners at organizations with less than 2,500 employees — across all verticals — often need more advanced scheduling tools to ensure consistent coverage, fill shifts efficiently, or measure schedule effectiveness.

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iNetHR Web-Based Payroll

When an employee is absent, either planned or unplanned, it can have an enormous impact on your organization, creating ripples across the workforce that impact productivity and even morale. Fortunately, iNetHR offers absence management capabilities to control and mitigate absenteeism and to help enforce policies related to time off and accruals.

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iNetHR Human Resources

From new hires to employee management to retirement planning, the iNetHR HR module offers a comprehensive HR solution that's amazingly easy to use. Your employees, managers, and HR administrators will stay up to date and compliant.

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